Web Development

The website is an identity of your brand. It doesn’t matter it’s a small start-up or marginal budget to huge MNC’s everyone needs website. According to the stats, the amount of search is been grown up to 97% for local business or local services.

Most of the business owners did not invest much in their website. Well, investing in your website is the same as investing in your product design. Once your product aligns properly. Then your website brings the customer to you.

Ok, Wait! Think again… Why do you need to give priority to your website in the first place?

Just take a read back!!! Where we mention 97% of people surfing online looking for online help. So, businesses with an online presence had a wide range of chances to acquire more customers.

What are the Benefits?

First is an obvious reason… People looking for a product and services will come online to view them. But if you are not there, then who seals the deals… It’s not you!!!

On the other side… It doesn’t matter how strong the market grasp your business is having. But if you want to acquire a new customer, you required a website. Otherwise, people will can’t remember you unless and until they know you.

Website Design is the Company Credibility

You need to be careful about your company’s web design. Because your website is your identity, which holds the reputation of your brand.

According to stats, 75% Consumer makes a judgment based on the company website. Website is been consider so over-rated. It is your business branding, which tells the story and journey of your business.

It’s not that hard as you think

In the beginning, having a website is a big deal. But nowadays developing a website is just one step away from you. Building a website isn’t a tough task… But developing an error-free website with everything align is a quite tough thing to do. Always, remember quality matters quantity not.

Saves Your Time

Having a website can resolve a lot of queries from your customers. More importantly, because of your website, you can more engage with your customers and can take a brief review of your product.

It’s like you can connect with your customer anytime, and provides you flexible time-table. So, you can focus and invest your time on more important things.

Front End Development

Everything visible to the customer on the website manages by Front End Developer. They are responsible for the visual appearance of the website.

Front-End-Developer collaborates with UI designers, visual designers to create web pages in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based on the visual design as planned by the web designer.

Sites created by Front End Developer nothing to do with information stored on a database to be functional.

Back End Development

Back End Development deals with the server-side of an application that communicates between the database and the browser.

Back end developer is more focused on technical structure, maintain the site performance and loading timing of the website.

Not only this, they are responsible for the maintenance of the pages and optimization of all the web-pages at the same time.

To be a back end developer you need to know languages such as HTML & CSS but also need to use languages such as python, java, PHP, Ruby on Rails and .Net to meet requirements asked for the job.

These languages are used to develop a dynamic website that is different from static ones. In the way, they store the database information. In these websites content and visual changes accordingly.

In simple words, a standard web developer is a bridge between web design and codes!!!

Web development increases the productivity and range of your business. Enhances product knowledge and maintain the communication between clients, increase the sales and generate leads for the business, and increases the popularity of your brand.

At L4rg we have an in-house team of professionals. Who understands your business and your marketing goals. We are committed to delivering excellence. If you are willing to take your business online and develop a stunning and user-friendly, then your search comes to an end here.